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“All the care you Need, More affordable than you think”

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”Golden Years Care Homes”


Welcome to Golden Years Care Homes. Before we start, we want to thank you for visiting our web page. We are so pleased you are interested in what is fast becoming Thailand’s leading brand of Retirement Homes.

We specialize in holidays and permanent residences in Thailand for those that are in the need to have extra health care. Or people who are healthy, but prefer to live with companions and other people with the same age in one building.

“All the care you Need, More affordable than you think”

We are the number one luxury adult retirement care homes in Pattaya, Thailand. Our Care Homes provide both ‘independent living with care’ and ‘close care’ with on-site nursing and care support. The main languages spoken in the seniors care facility are English and Thai. Our award-winning care facility has 2 key philosophies: (i)  That there will always be sufficient high quality care (ii) That independence, choice and dignity of the individual remain key requirements The provision of retirement care in Thailand may be more affordable than you think. In a country renowned for its high class, cost-effective medical services. We have opened this facility to provide a level of comfort that people may not be able to obtain in their home country. And to give a high level of care. We believe in care, it helps health, it helps self-confidence it allows guests to enjoy life. Quality of life should not end because of some incapacity. Our facility caters for both short and long-term stays.

Why choose for Golden Years Care Homes?

Our residents at Golden Years Care Homes will benefit from exceptional care that is highly personalized to an individual’s needs.

You are welcome to holiday or live in our A Class Resort Facility in Pattaya. Our staff are on call if you need them, or you can be left alone, that’s ok too. We also supply full time companions to be with you full time in your accommodation.

We know how important it is that sometimes you want to eat alone, with family members or a friend or two. That is why we have given all of our apartments free food delivery service. We can provide you your very own kitchen set if you wish to cook something special.

Our team always strives to ensure they provide the high standards that our residents and guest should expect. From our approach to recruitment, we will also ensure our team receives the right training, professional development and support to be the best they can be. In order to help you have a great holiday here or if you are a resident, to make it as much as possible like your home from home.

Golden Years Care Homes is the number one brand in Thailand for Retirement Homes.

Everybody is an Individual

Our philosophy is based upon people’s individuality; our services can be tailored to meet your requirements in terms of both accommodation and care.

Independent accommodation is in beautiful apartments set with alarms to our central nursing/care station and staff.

We provide disabled-accessible apartments and facilities as well as operating transport with a hydraulic wheelchair lift. For short and long stay solutions we provide an excellent venue for disabled vacations.

Here we work hard not to become a ‘boarding school for the elderly’; there are no fixed mealtimes and we offer wide food choices.

“”Everyone says I look so much better… I was almost sick of my life before I came to Golden Years Care Homes” Nancy, Sudbury
“I would say living at Golden Years Care Homes is prolonging our lives. I am not just saying that — I firmly believe in it.” — Christine, Thetford
“We thought it was time we got to a place where they had assistance right in the building. Now, thanks to Golden Years Care Homes, I feel just fine, with no problems at all.” Floyd, Mississauga
“My life was so much dry and i didn’t even felt good talking to others, but here at this care home I feel so lively and its a great feeling.” Pete, Burlington
“You think that when you move into a place like Golden Years Care Homes, that you won’t have enough to do. But there’s something going on all the time, like arranging trips to the Beach, Traditional Thai Markets, Malls and even beautiful islands near Pattaya.” John, London
“Organic Food in the morning—some exercises. I also do weight training in the gym, aqua fitness in the pool and some yoga. Loads of nice activities out here.” Tom, US
“I think it’s the peace I like best here. You come in your room and shut the door. I do a lot of writing, reading, and I keep up a big correspondence with my friends and family.” Morphy, LA
“We play cards, we exercise. I’m getting into more things like yoga and acqu fitness. I wouldn’t be doing these things if I was still living alone. It’s so good to interact with other people out here.” Roth, Watford
“[Having someone else do the cooking] gives us more time to devote to our other interests [such as writing]. I have great curiosity. I like to learn something new every day.” Derrick, British
“Our Dad came to Golden Years Care Homes almost a year back. We were worried and apprehensive at first. We are so happy to put our fears to rest. We see how wonderful the care is, thanks to the outstanding compassionate staff!… We are most grateful that our dear Dad is in good hands and can’t thank you enough for that peace of mind.” Rosa
“I love living here. It’s home! It feels like home, with the amazing surroundings and landscaping and how friendly everyone is, and when my friends visits me they can’t get over how nice it is here!” MK

Community, Activities and Excursions

A successful retirement facility is not merely about the care support given. Its success also lies in the variety of activities available for its guests and building a community amongst those at the facility, both carers and guests. We have physical activities supervised by our activities supervisor . These activities include tai chi, yoga, stretching and aqua aerobics We have many excursions for shopping, religious services, sightseeing and understanding the local community.

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