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7 Broccoli Juice Benefits


While we know carrots, celery, and beets have juice versions, most of us are familiar with broccoli only as an ingredient for entrées, soups, and salads. But broccoli can also come in juice form. Like other dark green, leafy or cruciferous types of vegetables, broccoli is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

Below you will find information specifically on the benefits that Broccoli can give you, as well as the steps to take to make your very own broccoli juice.

However from time to time I get asked whether there is another way to benefit from the goodness of broccoli without having to either juice it or eat it on a daily basis, and if you fall in that category, I’d highly recommend giving natural supplements such as broccoli seed extract a try to help assist with cell replication and general improvement of liver health.

Broccoli Juice Benefits

This member of the cabbage family is served commonly as cooked, raw, and chopped instead of juiced, maybe because among vegetable juices, broccoli’s taste can be rather strong.

Although you get the most nutrients in pure broccoli juice, you can always combine it with other fruits or vegetables sweet to make it palatable and reap the following benefits:

Red blood cell production: broccoli has loads of iron it in which can help in the production of red blood cells and myoglobin and hemoglobin, proteins which carry oxygen and transport it throughout broccoli juice contains 1.33mg of iron.

Brain function: this vegetable is a rich source of folate or vitamin B9 which is essential for DNA production during pregnancy and adolescence. Folate is responsible for health functionality not only of the brain but the liver as well. Additionally, folate helps strengthen the immune system.

Cancer preventive: because of its vitamin B2 or riboflavin content, broccoli can help the body process vitamins B6 a.k.a. pyridoxine and B9 into usable forms. Riboflavin is also an effective antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals that can cause certain types of cancers.

Healthy blood clotting: broccoli’s vitamin K content – 185mg from a 3⁄4 cup serving – is over a hundred percent more than the RDA for adults. Vitamin K helps the blood coagulate and maintain normal levels of bleeding as well as speed up healing of cuts, bruises, and wounds.

Bone and teeth health: the calcium is broccoli juice is more than you can find in milk, an advantage for the lactose-intolerant. Broccoli’s calcium content helps keep bones and teeth healthy while fending off conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Cell protection: the manganese in broccoli juice helps activate antioxidant enzymes that protect cellular structures against damage caused by toxic by-products of cellular metabolism. Manganese also helps process carbohydrates and proteins, bone development, and wound healing.

Healthy vision: the carotenoids known as zeaxanthin and lutein in broccoli juice maintain healthy vision, especially night vision, and protect the eyes against damage caused by infections, environmental pollutants, and excessive sunlight.

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Broccoli Cleanse

Broccoli is one of ten foods that can help detoxify your body without requiring you to fast. Raw broccoli packs a wallop when it comes to nutrients, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins that can all be best absorbed in juice form, making juicing the most effective method to obtain the most number of benefits.

So it makes sense to detoxify your body regularly with a broccoli cleanse.

The aim of a broccoli cleanse is to detoxify your body with a proven effective agent like broccoli juice which contains potent phytonutrients in high concentration. This juice will help your liver get rid of toxins from the medications, foods, beverages, and other substances which you have ingested like nicotine and tar from cigarettes.

Although there is no one single broccoli cleanse set in stone, a three- to four- day broccoli cleanse can start off with the elimination of the following foods and beverages:

Fatty nuts
Soy products
Grains that contain gluten
Dairy products
Processed food products

Unlike drugs on which you can easily overmedicate, eating or drinking broccoli has no overdose; in fact, more of it is better so you should it frequently, preferably in juice form for greater convenience.

Article Source :

Dr. Mujibur Rahman (M.D) Cardiologist & Naturopath


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