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Golden Years Care Home Thailand is set near the beautiful and tranquil city of Pattaya.

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Golden Years Care Home Pattaya Thailand

Golden Years Care Home Pattaya Thailand is set near the beautiful and tranquil city of Pattaya. The retirement facility is an enclosed 5 star facility. The care facility provides a safe environment away from the traffic and pollution but still only 15 minutes from Pattaya city.

The Care

Providing sufficient ‘care’ whilst maintaining individual dignity is our main philosophy. Adequate provision of care levels can achieve excellent improvement in both health and lifestyle.The retirement facility has its own dedicated, professional caring staff to give excellent care and stimulation to the elderly. The care is provided 24 hours and it is not rationed; the numbers of carers employed is determined by the care levels needed. Try comparing our carer to guest ratios because our levels are rarely seen in the West. We believe that good care works. Good care requires people numbers. We cater for all levels of required care whilst giving as much independence to the individual as their condition allows. We do not represent the view of an institutionalized nursing home; life with us is like living in a 5 star facility but with the required care on-hand. Our ‘tagline’ reflects our philosophy ‘The life that you still deserve…with all of the care you need’.

Our Staff

Are predominantly Thai people with exceptionally strong family values and a conservative tradition. Thai people have a natural respect for the elderly as part of their culture; they expect to care for the elderly and this provides the basis for an exceptional care ethic. It is not always easy to undertake the duties of caring for the elderly whilst remaining cheerful and friendly but Thai people seem to have achieved it. If you have any questions at all, especially regarding pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us. We purposely do not publish pricing on the website because our pricing depends on the level of care necessary and the room type chosen, we prefer to discuss what you, or your relative, needs. You will love Care Home Pattaya Thailand.

(Alan Boswell is our Counselling Head, Alan was born in London’s east end in 1950.)

He has worked for two stockbrokers and went self employed in 1971. Then spent many years in Sudbury Suffolk studying about the needs of the elderly along with psychology & was trained as a councillor in person centred therapy. Alan moved to Ipswich and went on to design homes according to the needs of elderly people, after working for some years he handed over the Business to his family and came to Thailand.

Alan was very focused towards opening up a care facility for the Senior Citizens our here in Thailand, so he started searching for the right place with the best of the facilities. In his conquest towards his goal he met with Neten who happens to be working in Thailand for about 12 years and shared the same passion towards opening of a 5 Star facility for the Senior Citizens.

After studying as well as after researching in depth Alan along with Neten started up with the best of the Resort Retirement Facility near Pattaya by the name of Golden Years Care Homes.

Before going ahead with our care home Alan joined in for a week of Thai Massage and this is what he said after a week, ” I could not sit cross legged before I came here, not having done so since school. But after a week of massage I can in comfort. Not bad at sixty eight years. I’ve seen eighty year old Thai’s sitting cross legged on the floor. So believe me, it will free up your limbs, take away aches and you really will feel ten years younger.” –  Alan.

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