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Dr Mujibur Rahman (M.D) Cardiologist & Naturopath


Dr. Mujibur Rahman is the man behind Vantage Natural Health Resort (Pattaya, Thailand) which is also used as one of the retirement homes by Golden Years Care Homes. Let us share with you the personal experience that made Dr. Mujibur Rahman come to a natural scientific solution for his own health problems.

As a successful businessman, Dr. Mujibur Rahman worked, as they say, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and had bad eating habits. Up to 44 years there were no serious health problems. Dr. Mujibur Rahman worked hard, traveled a lot, and enjoyed his life style a lot.

But, sooner or later, there comes a time when you need to pay for past deeds, and Dr. Mujibur Rahman time has come when he turned 48 years old. This time he had to go to another doctor, despite the fact that he himself owns a doctorate in medicine, a Ph.D. he found the following: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, a high level of lactic acid, which caused serious joint pain, he could not even move.

It’s a long story … After some major changes his life, one day he decided that he should completely change his life style, and he did it. He closed his business and began to look for a solution to improve his health and health of his family.

After 2 years of hard work and experiments, finally, he was able to work out a combination of natural approaches, which he now recommend to many patients so that they can enjoy a healthy life without drugs/medicines.

He combined Western medical knowledge with Japanese eating habits and concluded that only Nature can help all of us, and the knowledge of our inseparable connection with Nature decides how long we will live in this unhealthy environment.

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Vantage Natural Health Center is a place where there is no medicines, no medical procedures. It’s Natural healing center. Only the connection with the Nature, you can bring back the balance into your body. All procedures in Our Health Center are Natural, they have no contraindications as the Nature can’t harm us. So you shouldn’t worry about our procedures, they are 100% safe and relaxing! We follow the unique combination of natural approaches, which are based on true science like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

Vantage Natural Health Center treats all energy deficiency degenerative diseases and they are about 60 kinds of diseases but without medications and diagnosis! We use body’s own healing system.

Vantage Natural Health Center is a place where you will feel like at home, not in Hospital or clinic.

Because we do not use any medical procedures, do not use any medicines, do not deal with blood! We don’t need any diagnostic procedures as western medicine do. When we see patients and share their feelings, we understand what specific guest needs from us. We consider the Human body as a full- equipped healing system and we should help this healing system to heal the body by itself. Please remember that human body consists of trillions of interconnected cells, they work in Homeostasis, a state of Balance. When this balance is not maintained, we feel unhealthy, have some symptoms, and if can’t manage by ourselves, go to doctors. And doctors give us diagnosis and medicines as they have no other options.

Medicine can’t cure you as it’s a foreign invader, man-made substance. Our body is designed to be with Nature, and the healing system in our body works only with Nature. If you break the Laws of Nature, you will have problems and solve these problems, you should go back to Nature! No other way!

We need doctors, we need medicines, and we need a diagnosis, but only in special cases like
Emergency, accidents, acute infections. In other cases like in treating Energy deficiency degenerative diseases, they can’t help. You need different approaches which you will get in our health clinic.
We help you get the BALANCE back to your body. When you have the balance, you are already healthy and can enjoy full functional life!
All symptoms, all diseases what we acquired during our daily life, if not acquired by born, are due to the following main factors:
Some of the mentioned factors we can adjust like Lifestyle, food habit, chemicals & cosmetics. But alone we can’t change the Environment. So knowing the root causes of all Energy-deficient, degenerative diseases ( 60 kinds including cancer), we can cure them if not too much damage was done to our body. Vantage Health clinic follows the laws of Nature and worked out a Unique treatment method (a combination of Natural Approaches) which can cure or help to cure all degenerative disease by doing the followings:
1. Transfer your body from acidic to alkalinity
2. Intra-cellular and extra-cellular detoxification
3. Supply of sufficient natural nutrients and oxygen
4. Individual optimal physical exercise and stress management, good sleep
5. Oxidative medicine

In our everyday life, due to the factors what I already mentioned, we feel sometimes a lack of Energy what we should not have. We take coffee or some stimulants to re-energize us, but I can tell you that it’s already a signal that your body faces some disturbance in energy production and you should take some measurements. Don’t allow your body to continue work in a low energy state! We will teach you how to keep your energy level at an optimal level.

Your aging process starts when your body can’t produce an optimal level of energy.

So we treat/cure all degenerative disease without any medications with our unique natural approaches( if you are taking medicines, you can stop them within 7 days and live without them until end of your life) like: Chronic fatigue, heart diseases, diabetes, psoriasis, blood pressure, autoimmune diseases, headaches, back pains, arthritis, Allergies and so on and they are 60 kinds!

Moreover, you will learn here how to be the best doctor for your own body as only you can treat your body. Not Doctors! They are for Emergency!

Please feel free to contact Dr Mujibur Rahman at or you can also Visit them on
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