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“The more we know about our guests the better we can create a relationship to help improve their quality of life. ”

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Golden Years care Homes Facilities

Spa/ Swimming Pools /Sauna /Fitness Room

Salt Water Pool accompanies by a fully equipped Fitness Centre, Infra Red Sauna as well as Steam Bath.


In house Fully Equipped Restaurant which also provides organic food in addition to English & Thai Food. We also have a wellness Bar where in you can enjoy different smoothies along with fresh juices.

For Family Members or Friends

Helping a friend or relative find the right care facility can be a daunting and often emotional task even in your home country. Planning for them to stay in another country can add another level to this initial concern. Our accommodation is first class.

There are areas that should be thought through.

Affordable Quality of Care

Our care is certainly more affordable than in most developed countries. More particularly we offer a level of luxury, a level of freedom and a level of care that can rarely be matched in any care facility, let-alone at the prices that we offer. Compare our nursing staff to guest ratios to most of those in the West and you might be shocked. Care works but it only works if there are enough carers to supply it.

Distance Apart

If you are staying in your own country there may be a considerable distance between you and your friend and relative. We encourage our guests to regularly talk face to face with friend and relatives by internet using Skype or ‘FaceTime’. If guests are not familiar with computers we will guide them through the process until they are. When you do come to visit your friend or relative, we can provide a similar luxury accommodation for you and even your family. Thailand has a great deal to offer for the visitor. You should be able to spend quality time with your friend or relative whilst at the same time relaxing and enjoying a vacation.

Staying Long-Term with a Relative, Friend or Partner

Even if you are in good health you may wish to stay long-term with your friend, relative or partner. We encourage this and as well as adding to our guests well-being this can be a great option for you with the strong ‘expat’ community in Pattaya and the wealth of things you can do.

Medical Emergencies

Medical support in Pattaya is excellent and cost-effective. Despite this it remains an area that should be thought about. Medical insurance in Thailand reflects the much lower cost of treatment but it clearly needs to be researched and then compared to costs in your home country. It may be preferable to pay for medical care as it comes (which is a very common solution here in Thailand) but these are decisions that need to be made and budgeted for. We can assist by providing quotations for Thai medical insurance.


Similar to most countries, Thailand has a requirement for visas for non-Thai nationals. The Thai retirement visa is a generally straightforward process although it does require the applicant to have a level of financial support. We can assist with all visa requirements. Once the visa is obtained in Thailand there is no requirement to leave the country on a timed basis but it does require an annual renewal.


Thailand has no real cold weather the weather can get quite hot in peak summer but all our Appartments have air-conditioning. For people who suffer badly in cold winters, Thai weather can be an attraction.

Understanding Our Guest and their Family.

The more we know about our guests the better we can create a relationship to help improve their quality of life. We would like to know about their life story, their hobbies and likes. We like to talk with their family to both know more about our guest but also to understand the family’s wishes and concerns.

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