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“Frequently Asked Questions.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
What is the minimum and Maximum age to stay at Golden Years Care Homes?
We know it is important that your family can come to visit you therefore we do not have a minimum age.
Do I have to be sick to stay at Golden Years Care Homes?
You do not need to be sick, very often even well people prefer to stay here just in case they need a carer. As we get older, sometimes we lose our confidence and it makes us feel safer if we have a carer around.
Does my stay include Doctors and hospital fee's?
Your stay here at Golden Years Care Homes does not include any Doctors or hospital fee’s.
Do you have any weekly or monthly events or outings?
Yes we do have events every month, from afternoon teas, occasional entertainment and outings out and about. Some outings will be free and some there will be a charge to cover the costs. Free Shuttle Service is also available in case you want to go to the city center or a Beach.
Can I have visitors stay in my room or at Golden Years Care Homes?
We will do our best to accommodate your visitors by either staying in your room or in a separate guest room, depending on your requirements. Charges will apply if they stay in a separate room belonging to Golden Years Care Homes.
What happens if I am unable to take care of my immigration papers myself?
We can take Care of your immigration paperwork for you in the event that you are unable to do so. Depending on immigration laws, we can sometimes go on your behalf with your permission.
Do you take very sick people?
We can take very sick people. Every case has to be reviewed before we accept. Very often you may require a special nurse which requires a higher rate for your stay.
Is there a carer on duty 24 hours?
Yes. Carer’s are on duty 24 Hours to deal with problem in the event that you require them.
Can I come on Holiday to Golden Years Care Homes?
Yes we welcome Residents and Guests
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