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Retire in Thailand

You’re probably tempted to retire in Thailand, whether you’re a Brit, an American, Swiss, or an Australian. Between the amazing food, the pristine beaches and the great cost of living, what’s not to love? Seniors flock to Thailand because their pensions can go a long way there. Expatriates are always nearby, creating welcoming communities and of course, the sun shines almost everyday of the year.

What’s the money like there?

The currency in Thailand is called the Thai baht. It is denoted with the symbol ? or the code THB. One baht is subdivided into 100 satang, and it’s the 10th most-used currency in the world. As of May 2018, here are the currency exchange rates for some other common currencies:

1 EUR is 37.8 THB 1 USD is 32 THB 1 AUD is 25.6 THB 1 GBP is 43 THB


What’s the cost of living like in Thailand?

In Thailand, the incredible standard of living draws visitors and expats from all over the world. Consumer prices are reasonable, housing is cheap and you’ll be able to afford luxuries that aren’t available to you in the west. If you’re adventurous enough to cope with the culture shock, your budget will thank you.

How much money do I need to retire in Thailand?

To retire comfortably in Thailand, you will need around 75,000 baht per month but if you do not intend to spend to much on Luxury living than you can even have a good life for about 50,000 baht per month. This will give you a nice accommodation with all the facilities, all your food for the month and much more than you would get in any of the Western Countries.

What’s daily life like?

In Thailand, the climate is generally hot and tropical there, so if you’re looking to escape the cold you’ll be going to the right place. The warmest month is April, which has average temperatures of 31°C (87°F) But all the rooms in our care home are airconditioned so no worries about the heat. In December, the coldest month, you can expect temperatures of 26°C (79°F).

Retirees in Thailand tend to pursue a range of leisure activities. The warm climate means water sports, hiking and fishing are generally available. History buffs have countless temples and ancient sites to visit.

Sport is also common in Thailand. Thai boxing is a vigorous, energy-intensive sport so if you’re on the active side, you’ll have access to the world’s best Thai boxing experts there. When you’re not feeling as active, wellness activities are a very popular part of Thai customs. You’ll find many spa treatments and traditional massage therapies.

What are the visa requirements for me?
There are four steps to acquiring a visa to retire in Thailand. First, you have to obtain a non-immigrant visa by providing the Thai consulate with your passport and proof that you have enough funds.

The financial requirements are:

Bank account with THB 800,000 or Monthly income of at least THB 65,000 or

Combination (bank account and income per year exceeds THB 800,000)

The second step is to obtain a one-year retirement visa. You must be 50 or older to receive this, and have a Thai bank book and a letter from your Thai bank. You’ll also need to provide photos and a departure card and passport.

Third, you must obtain an ‘extension of stay’ notice and a re-entry permit, which will allow you to re-enter the country if you ever leave it.

Lastly, you must report to the Immigration Police every 90 days to check in and verify your address.?


When you stay at Golden Years Care Homes we will do all the necessary paperwork for you to get your visa.


At Golden Years Care Homes we are offering one bedroom apartments for just 49900 Baht per month (Standard Package). This includes professional staff on call, daily maid cleaning your apartment, Thai massages, hair washes, manicure and pedicures, cocktail parties and much more!



Thai food is famous around the world for its unique and beautiful taste. As well as Thai food, Thailand has many International restaurants. It also has its fair share of all the modern western fast food chains. Thailand is inexpensive for food and you will just love it.


Thailand has some of the most world class shopping malls you can find. You can buy almost anything in Thailand. Some of the Malls are huge and luxury and all at reasonable costs.


Thailand has some of the best hospitals in the world and people come from all over the world to get treatment done here. Doctors have good training and they are less expensive than Europe and of course there is no waiting lists!

Thailand has a very high amount of English, Swiss, German, Swedes, American’s, Australian’s, French living here. Why do they come? Because the sun shines everyday and the people are so nice and the cost of living is so much cheaper.

Why not come and try Thailand, give it a go, what have you got to lose?

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